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Shadowhunters Episode Review: S2E1 – The Guilty Blood (SPOILERS)

Hey Angels! It’s official, Shadowhunters is back for season 2 and they are better than ever. Season 2’s premiere met my expectations of the show and I seriously can’t wait for the rest of the season. So here’s what I think of the newest episode.


What I Liked: 

  • The Fight Scenes look way better than they did in the first season.
  • They made the city of Toronto actually look like New York, and gave you that amazing feel that you are actually there.
  • The new Seraph Blades, they look way cooler and less flashy.
  • The New location for the Institute, I think everyone enjoyed that.
  • Let’s talk about relationships, (not just romantic ones.)
  • With Malec, I love that they are actually acknowleding that they are a new relationship. That they are still trying to figure things out.
  • Valentine and his relationship with Jace. He takes tough love to a whole new level. If he was this hard on Jace imagine what he did to Seb.
  • Okay this isn’t relationship related but I like how they are giving us more backstory on the characters. Like the flashback of Valentine injecting Jocelyn the demon blood. (Father of the year people.)
  • Okay In the end when Jocelyn shot Valentine, I loved how they showed how conflicted Jace looked, wether he should leave Valentine or save him, he chose the later, it just shows that deep down he does care for this man.
  • Simon and Clary’s adorable friendship and how much they care for each other.
  • More backstories, Climon talking about the first time they got drunk lols.

Okay with all those bullet points I’m going to be frank with you. The new season is a whole step up from season 1, while I did enjoy the first season, this season they just seem so grounded to the story they have. They know what they want to do and they are doing it. They aren’t afraid of straying from the books, and they are doing that. But here’s the kicker, I still know what’s going to happen, they are taking a different route, but their endgame is still in the same place. They are still leading up to Idris and how they will get there. So we should just enjoy the ride, and let it take us where it goes.

What I didn’t Like:

  • How short it was, it just felt too cramped in.
  • How they are showing the parents.
  • Jocelyn and Maryse are maybe the only two people (minus Luke) who knows what Valentine is about.
  • Also I did NOT like how Aldertree just kicked Luke out. Like “hello the guy who was once bonded to the dude and who probably knows him way better than you is right there and you kick him out?”
  • Yeah I’m open minded but at the moment  I do not like Aldertree (but welcome to the cast Nick. You’re perf.)

I love the new season but I still had problems with certain things, and it’s not really big issues but tiny things. But even though I dislike these things I know they have to happen. So I’m just going to sit back and let it happen. But I’m going to talk about Jocelyn, Luke, Maryse, these people know Valentine. Way better than the kids. They’ve worked with him, they were once friends, best friends, with him. So kicking one out(Luke), banishing the other from investigating (Jocelyn) is kind of stupid on Aldertree’s end. Jocelyn’s reaction is highkey normal, she wanted her son instead she got a monster because of her husband. He trying to kill Jace was just her way out of this, yes she acted without thinking, but Shadowhunters are impulsive, plus she’s been out of the game for so long she just doesn’t think. Maryse on the other hand just over thinks. She’s so focus on protecting her kids that she doesn’t see that her other, blood or not, kid is in danger, we know she loves Jace, we’ve seen it in the first season, but she is letting her hatred for Valentine and her drive on pleasing the Clave blind her from Jace. Like Mama clear your eyes. He is your son! You raised him, loved him, clothed him. F the Clave. I know everyone hates the parents right now, but keep an open mind. Also hate the characters all you want, but leave the actors alone. They are just doing there job.

Okay that was it for my thoughts of Episode one of Season 2. I can’t wait for the rest of the episodes.


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