Stop. Just Stop with the hate. 

We are about a few weeks until we get  season 2 Shadowhunters. And since this show started there has been tons of hate (but also tons of love 😊✌🏼) going around, about the show, the cast, the changes, etc. So I’m here to talk about it and voice my opinion. 

Also before I start my post let me tell you that I am writing this at 4:00 am so it may have mistakes and I may be all over the place. But I try. 

I’m honestly use to the hate, I know that the show can’t please everyone, that everyone has different views on how the show should be made and how it should be adapated. But let me just tell you haters that Shadowhunters is the most popular show on Freeform since PLL premiered. It has gather more social media present than any show on the network. It has only been one season and the show is already gathering awards left and right (nominations and wins). So hate all you want but this show is here to stay. 

So most of the hate toward the show centers in the changes that have been made in the storyline and how it progresses. But if you really look at it, and actually watch instead of judging, then you’ll see it’s going where it should be. Just with different twice and added bonuses. It starts off during Clary’s birthday, she’s 18 instead of 16, which I think is way better for the storyline, and show in general. She still meets Jace at Pandemonium, instead of just watching them fight she actually interacts with them. Simon still loves her, he’s still dragged into the shadow world, he’s still turned into a vampire. Jocelyn is still taken by Valentine, Clary still does whatever she needs to get her mom. 

All the basic things are there, people are just so blind to see it, because they just love to nitpick. I will admit that there were episodes where I cringed, but seriously it is their first season, and trust me, most show’s first seasons you don’t rewatch ever. Because they were still getting their footing in the world. Trying to see what works and what doesn’t. Now that the first season is released the cast and crew worked so hard to make it better. By the looks of the stuff we’ve been getting I can see they have succeeded. 

Most accounts (TMI accounts, I won’t call it Shadowhunters acct because it’s kind of different) just love to say “this doesn’t happen in the books.” “Clary’s not suppose to be able to hold her own against Izzy and Alec” “Simon’s suppose to be turned in CoA” “Jocelyn’s up to early” “blah blah blah”

1) I love the Clary is actually participating and not being useless like she was in the first book. She’s actually fighting and using the angel blood that’s in her. She’s badass. 

2) Simon being turned early just gives us more time with him as a vampire. They can explore more of his storyline with it. (i.e. His family) also they mixed elements of CoA into the first season. So it made sense. Also with Camille turning him instead of Raphael, I actually prefer that more NGL. It gives Camille more of a hold on Simon and I want to see how he handles that in the season. 

3) Yeah I agree I don’t like that Jocelyn is up. But I want to see where this goes. Also we might get to see more fight scenes with her and that’s always fun watching the parents kick ass. 

The set changes are also pretty big. Especially the institute. I honestly like the institute. I mean they are in 2016 NYC, technically technology is just right for this. In the books it was 2007 and tech wasn’t really as advance as they are now. So of course having a decked out base of opperation is just what they need. Having technology doesn’t affect the storyline. It just modernises it, which is right for the age. 

I think, in the end, if you don’t like the show don’t watch it. No one is forcing you or your negative attitude to stay and watch. Go read the books they are amazing and wonderful. But while the show is based on the books, it’s not the books. I think people just need to accept that. 

List of book to show adaptation who strayed from the books and are doing great. (Including comics too) 

  • The Vampire Diaries (it did so well it caused a spin off)
  • Pretty Little Liars (same as TVD but the spin off wasn’t successful) 
  • The 100 (started a bit slow but it’s doing good from what I hear)
  • Outlander (it’s staying with the books but they flipped a few things)
  • The Shannara Chronicles (BEST. NEW. SHOW. ON. MTV. It’s Lord of the Rings but just in visual because it’s also filmed in NZ)
  • Gossip Girl (6 seasons all amazing. Well loved. Has a day called Gossip Girl Day. Need I say more?)
  • Arrow (started a whole DCTV Universe. This show is the Queen (lol get it 😂 I’m not funny and it’s 4:30 am ignore me) of changing from the source) 

    Anyway those are all the books to show adaptations that strayed from its source material and are doing/did amazing.

    I have amazing faith in this show. In its cast and crew. I cannot wait for season 2. If you guys want to give it another try (and I suggest you do) come watch. 

    Shadowhunters returns Monday Jan 2. 8/7c on Freeform. 

    Later Angels x 


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