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What I Think: A Bond Stronger than Romantic Love

Everyone has their own opinions on the characters and actors, so respect mine.

“I can’t live without him” -Alec to Izzy, talking about Jace.

The quote above says a lot about Alec and Jace and their bond as one. I think I wrote something like this before explaining what I think about their bond, but I’ll simplify it here, Alec can live without Magnus. He can, he’s done so for 20 something years of his life, and someday Magnus will have to once again live without Alec. But with Alec and Jace, they can’t live without each other. Because the Parabatai bond makes it impossible. If they are separated, without knowing if the other one is okay, they are impulsive, and outright not thinking about anything but getting back to the other. Jace is fine, well as okay as he’ll ever be being with Valentine. Because he knows that Alec is safe back in the institute, but Alec, he’s not doing so good, episode 1 of season 2 picks up right after the end of season 1. Back in the institute, everyone is looking for Jace (and Valentine). Alec isn’t doing so well because he can’t feel Jace, their bond was already weakened, and now Jace is somewhere he can’t track. I think this is the first time where he can’t completely feel Jace or sense if he is okay or not.

A lot of malec shippers were hoping that the “I can’t live without him” line was for Magnus, but as I said before, Alec can live without Magnus, He has for years before he met him. But with Jace, he’s literally at a point, by episode 3, where he would risk his life just to get Jace back. In the parabatai promo, we see Alec with his shirt off, just like in season 1 episode 10 where was trying to weaken his bond just to find Jace. Back then he was angry at Jace, but right now;
tumblr_oi8ygprt1o1uvmo3co3_500he is worried, scared, and desperate. Izzy looks scared because she knows what this will do to him, and Jace, Alec isn’t thinking, destroying himself and price he would pay just to find Jace. “He needs me, Iz” He is trying to convince Isabelle, and maybe himself, that this is the best way to go.

Don’t urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay.” -Ruth 1:16-17 (The verse from the bible where the parabatai oath was inspired from)

These two gifs say everything without saying too much. He can’t live without Jace, not knowing if he is safe or not. The bond and love that they share and much more than a romantic love. They are literally half of each other’s souls. Souls that would rather die than live without the other. That’s why when a parabatai dies, the other usually follows, maybe a few years apart but they are never far from each other. Because one’s soul can only be incomplete for so long. Some shippers are upset that Alec seems to care more about Jace than Magnus, what did you expect? Alec to stop loving Jace? He may not love him in the way he thought he did, but Jace is someone who is closer to him than blood. They make each other whole, and stronger, and some things just can’t be forgotten.

What I love about their bond is that when they know they are both safe, they don’t need to be together all the time. They are still two different people, Jace is the one who always jumps the gun and Alec is there to protect and talk sense into his siblings. They both have a great love in Magnus and Clary, that’s something that is set in stone. Alec loves Magnus with all his heart, and Jace loves Clary with all his heart. But in the end of it, all Jace and Alec are one soul, which trumps heart in meaning. As worded perfectly by drakamena on Tumblr, they are in simple terms, Soulmates. Bonded Souls who can’t- and won’t – exist without each other. Because living without the other is not living at all, parabatai’s are not common in the Nephilim world, but when you find them they are part of you and you are a part of them, till something parts you.

So anyway this was my view on Jace and Alec and their bond. What do you think of their bond and are you excited for season 2 of Shadowhunters?


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