The Show is Changing… For the Better


The show is changing, they are stemming away from the book more and more. While they try to keep certain elements of the regular story, I think they want to separate themselves from the book, while still paying tribute to it.

Here’s why I think that is a good thing:

With the show separating itself from the books, maybe people will compare it less and less to the book. Meaning people will stop saying “oh this doesn’t happen.” or “they’re supposed to be this.” The show can be its own thing. They can do storylines that Cassie didn’t write about, add new things to it.

But diehard fans shouldn’t be afraid, the show is keeping the big plot, the villains, the couples, and the backbone, but they are just changing things they can. We haven’t really seen much to know what they have changed and what they have kept, but I do have faith in all of them, not just the actors, but the writers, producers, directors, everyone who has taken part in this show.

I just wished people were more understanding of the change and give it a shot. I get it, you wanted an honest adaptation of the books, but we aren’t getting that. We’re getting something much more thrilling, in my eyes at least, we are getting brand new material that we haven’t see before.

But we still have what we know, we still  have the downworlders, and the shadowhunters, and the fight against the villains, and all the things that we love. Be honest, would you have really missed the empty institute with just The Lightwood’s and Jace? Would you really have missed teenage protagonist, who are held back from doing certain things because they were underaged? The little things that were so easily changed shouldn’t be something you should worry about. There have been so many successful shows that were once books that became huge hits with the television audiences even with the changes they have made.

Plus the cast seems so excited for us to see the new season, that we shouldn’t judge before we see the thing. From the added changes we are getting more individual storylines for all the mains, not just Clary, we are getting more background into Jace and Alec’s parabatai bond. We will get more of Simon’s personal life with his mom and his sister. We will learn more about the downworld. Get excited for that and don’t judge until you see.


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