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What I Think: Who should they cast as Sebastian

Hey angels, long time no post, I’ve been really busy with my other blog and other life things that I haven’t really have the time to post on this account. But Todd just announced that they finally casting Sebastian and as always people have deep opinions for who should play our main villain. I also have my on thoughts on who should play Sebastian, but I’ll get to that later.

Everyone has different ideas for Sebastian, look wise, but casting someone based on looks, for a character like this, isn’t something of a good idea. Sebastian is a tricky character with layers an actor can play with. He can make him completely evil, he can make him sympathetic, cunning, charming, snarking (basically an evil version of Jace). We need someone who can play him the right way.

Also, some people are saying it’s too early for Sebastian to come into the show. Guys, they just said that he will be introduced in 2b, they didn’t say he’ll be introduced right away, he could come in in episode 15 or even the last few episodes. They didn’t specify, so calm down, they are doing City of Ashes and City of Glass, so Sebastian’s introduction is on time.

Anyway, let’s get started. Here are two people who the fandom wants to cast, based on their looks, as Sebastian.

Seb Choice 1.jpegFirst, we have Conor McLain, I really don’t know much about him but based on his Instagram he really wants the role of Sebastian. For as long as I go down on his page he’s posted pictures of him as Sebastian by fan edits.

My Opinions on Him: Not much really, while I agree he looks the part, I want a Sebastian who can carry the role, who has acting experience under his belt. I love that this guy is passionate and that some of the fandom is behind him for the role. But like I said, don’t cast someone because of looks. Because that could end really badly, in a lot of ways, 1) their looks won’t be enough or 2) they won’t get on with the cast (that’s why chemistry reads exist. How Much do I See Him as Sebastian: Look wise – 10, Experience Wise – 5. 

Then we have Lucky Blue Smith. Like Conor, Lucky has the look down for Sebastian, the Seb choice 2.jpgbuilt, the hair (well he used to, his hair’s more natural blonde now.) Unlike Conor, Lucky has credits of being an actor. It’s only one film so far but at least he’s been in something. But that is still not enough. I use to picture Lucky as Sebastian, but that all changed after I read Lady Midnight and I started to picture him as Mark. A lot of people seem to want him as Sebastian but they are just casting him because of his looks. Again that’s not good enough. How Much do I See Him as Sebastian: Look wise – 10, Experience Wise – 7. 

Okay now let’s talk about the people choice for Sebastian who has experience.


First up, we have Evan Peters, I can see that. Evan isn’t my choice for Sebastian but he sure does have experience in playing the type of characters that falls into the same category as Sebastian. Watch season 1 of AHS (American Horror Story) and you’ll know what I mean. If Evan plays Sebastian then get ready for an emotional rollercoaster you never expected. Evan plays conflicted character so well that I honestly wouldn’t care how he would look while playing Sebastian.

Why Did I pick this gif? Idk, I just saw a cat and I picked it.
Then we have Bill Skarsgard, from what I can tell he’s fairly new to people casting him as Sebastian and I’m particularly to blame for that, at least when it comes to the people who tumblr_ncm5mmoytR1t3fd6go1_250.giffollow me on Instagram. 

Bill is such an amazing actor that he can play Sebastian in different ways and that’s  really good for a character like Sebastian. I suggest you guys check out his show on Netflix called Hemlock Grove. Bill has this aura around him that just says troubled and mysterious, maybe it’s his height (he’s 6’2″ or something) or his stare but I can easily see him as Sebastian. He would be my fan cast for the demon boy. If we get Bill as Sebastian we’d get this eerie feeling that you can’t help but want to figure out. He looks the part of OG Sebastian Verlac, with his dark hair and pale skin.

Lastly, I have for you Chris Wood. You may know him from Vampire Diaries or his episode of Major Crimes, where he played a murderer. But most of you probably know him as Kai from TVD, who murdered his siblings (minus 3 of them) because he realized that they were skipping over him as the leader of their coven. Chris did such a wonderful job as Kai that playing Sebastian would be so easy, plus he’s quite charming that you don’t know what to feel. 

But Chris playing Sebastian might be tricky since he’s already on another show right now, but both shows film in Canada (one in Vancouver and the other in Toronto). If Chris played Sebastian we’d get an in-depth look into Sebastian inner thoughts. Chris played Kai as charming but a devil, once he merged (hate that word thanks to TVD saying is 100 times over) with brother Luke, he got his emotions and if was like he was fighting himself. That would come in handy for the later seasons (hopefully).

Okay, so those were my thoughts on Sebastian and the fandoms ideas for who should play him. In the end, if none of the actors we wanted to get cast, we should still be grateful that a character as complex and evil as Sebastian is coming to life.


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