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What I Think: Clizzy and Saphael

Everyone has their own opinions on the characters and actors, so respect mine.

Apparently, no matter what fandom it is, ships run the fandom. To be honest I didn’t really hear much about this issue. I mean of course I was aware for it, but it wasn’t really serious. But now it’s making its way around the social networks (from twitter, to instagram, to tumblr.) So I thought it was time to talk about this issue.

And that issue is being shippers of Clizzy and Saphael vs. the writers, David Castro, and anyone else to thinks the Clizzy and Saphael are only platonic ships. Berfore I start with everything I’m about to say. Let me just say this, we know which ships are canon or not. So why are people making this such a big deal? Well I’m addressing it because the writers, and actors, are getting unnecessary hate and that shouldn’t be the case.


Okay Clizzy and Saphael the fandoms seems to have grown an attachment to these to pairings. I think I understand why people started to become attach to these two pairs. Let’s start of with Clizzy, 1) they have more scenes together than Clary and Izzy did in the first book. 2) Izzy actually cares for Clary, unlike in the first book where she was a bit rude and hostile to her. Also every little thing they do, fans seem to see sexual attraction between them, except me I don’t really see it. Now onto Saphael, it’s pretty much the same with Clizzy, book vs. show, in the books Raphael wasn’t really nice to Simon, but in the show… wait actually it’s the same thing. He’s not terrible to Simon but he is no where nice to him. He tolerates him because Raphael actually pays attention to the accords, unlike Camille, if anything happens to Simon the Shadowhunters (especially Clary) will have a freak out. I think the main reason why people ship these two is because of David and Alberto’s friendship in real life. Plus fan edits, videos and all those fan fueled things (which are actually pretty amazing, this is not shade it’s me stating stuff) that make people ship Clizzy and Saphael tumblr_o5ah3jjx9b1qj21kto1_500way more than they should.

But even with all those fan fueled things, people still blame the writers for “sexualizing LGBT ships” Umm, I’m sorry who was it that wanted Malec to have sex before the actually went on their first date? Who freaked out when Alec ‘dropped his stele’ and put that out of context (don’t lie you have put it out of context.) The writers have tried to please the fandom with their ships, but now they are clarifying that certain ships don’t happen. The LGBT fans have pointed out something Todd and McG said and I’m going to comment on that now. What Todd said was a bit rudely worded, and I agree that he should have said that in a better way. But if you think about everyone tends to sexualized ships (LGBT or Straight) no matter what gender said ships are. He could have said Clizzy and Sapahel wouldn’t be a couple or be in a romantic relationship which would been way safer and less  controversial. They are not using friendship as an excuse for them not to be in a same sex relationship. It has been stated from the start that these ships will not be happening and while this upsets shippers, some shippers have no right to send hate to the writers or actors, if they made you think otherwise that your ship would be happening then tweet them that but don’t call them homophobic or biphobic when you don’t see the full picture.

This is from twitter user @dizzeeclizzy
Someone said to me last night when I made a post about Clizzy and Saphael “for someone who loved the books and everything and fangirled all the time would or could ever admit that” The post was me stating that Clizzy and Saphael would not happen. And I think because I do love the books and fangirl about them way before the show even started is what makes me not ship these two ships. Because I know whats end game, I know the stories of these 4 characters, where they go and what they do. I’m saying that shipping them is a bad thing, because everyone should be allowed to ship what they want and watch it pan out.

But the purpose of all of this is to stop sending hate to the shadowhunters cast and crew, who are working so hard to bring us another wonderful season. I have said this a thousand times before, this show is NOT about ships, who ends up with who. It is about the fight for this world, about family, and demons and angels. The ships are just a big bonus. So for people to take it so seriously is really annoying because it seems like that’s the only thing we care about.

The cast is wonderful and they deserve love and not hate. If you don’t agree with them fine. But sending hate is never the answer.


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