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Katherine McNamara as Clary Fray – She’s Perfect for Clary. What I Expect from S2

Everyone has their own opinions on the characters and actors, so respect mine. 

Kat carries a big role on her shoulders, she has to carry a whole show and that is difficult for such a young actress, she is the youngest of the main cast, which means she has big shoes to fill since Clary is the main character. Kat has been getting hate comments since the show began. Wether it was because they thought she didn’t match the character or if it was because they did not think she could act. But even after all that she powers through it and plays Clary the way she was meant to. Clary in the books is described as a incredibly stubborn and very protective girl. She is sarcastic and compassionate, and would do KATHERINE MCNAMARAanything for those she cares about. In the TV show I believe Kat brings a new light to Clary’s character. In the show she is more determined to find her mother from the very beginning. As we can tell, Clary picked up training much more quickly than she did in the books. She stubborn and doesn’t listen to anybody, pretty much the definition of Clary, book or tv wise.

Like I said in the beginning, Kat is very young, only 19 when the show began filming. But that doesn’t mean she’s anything less. At a very young age Kat has accomplish way more than any of us. She graduated high school at 14 and college at 17, she is currently working on her masters in English Literature while she does her full time job as an actor. People often mistake Kat’s maturity as something else, like she seems detached or rude. While in reality she is the complete opposite. She is the nicest person ever, people who have met her would all say the same, and she is wise beyond her years. She brings something to Clary that other’s probably wouldn’t. She brings smarts, Clary might act on impulse most of the time but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t think before she acts.

In Season 2, I’m hoping we see more of Clary’s relationship with Luke and her mother. She has been separated from them so far in the story line but now that they are all 124165e23962f1c327ec86887aa8f16b.jpgtogether I would like to see more of their dynamic as a unit. Of course the drama with her mom hiding the shadowworld or the fact that she has a brother and that her father is still alive. We saw a little of that issue in the new season trailer so that is something I’m really looking forward to.

While I’m excited for her and Jace, I actually want to see her and Simon for a while, I mean we know they happen for a while in the books and we know for Clary and Simon to get to their endgames they have to go through each other first.Speaking of Simon, I want to see her friendship with Simon as 139896_6843they navigate through this new world. They were one of my favorite friendship in the series and we have a chance to see it play out on screen.

I want to see Kat do things that she has never done before in the last season. I want Clary to do more fight scenes, because let’s be real here, fight scenes are amazing.

With all that said I do think there are things that she could work on. That doesn’t mean I don’t think she’s right for Clary. Because in my eyes, she is Clary.

What I Like About Kat as Clary: aka What I like about this version of Clary

Before I start on Clary as Kat, I would just like to add that she looks like Clary, from her hair to her height (yeah she is taller than Clary in the books but that doesn’t matter)

She’s a fire ball. From Day 1, after the initial shock or losing her mom, she dives into finding her. She doesn’t let her lack of knowledge of the Shadow world affect her. In her short time in the Shadow World she has manage to unity two feuding factions of Downworlders (even if it was short lived). She brought new elements to the Lightwood’s world. Yeah she also brought issues but let’s not focus on that.

With Kat as Clary we really see her understand her characters, the whole cast is a gift because they take their time to learn about the characters. They read the books, they listen to what we say. Kat for example always interacts with us. That’s what I love about her, among all of the cast, Kat interacts with us most. She is so nice to us and she listens to what we say.

Clary and Isabelle’s friendship is the world to me. I love how they didn’t go with the female issues that they book went into. I loved how Isabelle helped Clary instead of putting her down. Kat and Emeraude really take the cake with that one. They focused more on girl power than girl vs. girl.

Surprisingly I actually enjoy Clary and Jace’s relationship. It’s not in your face but we know that the attraction is there. It’s going to be a challenge for them in season 2 but we all know how that ends. Dom and Kat have chemistry that is subtle but in certain scenes it really shows. I love how Clary and Jace’s relationship is shown in little moments. In small oct-09-2016-20-18-56touches or comforting and just being there for each other. Like when Clary and Jace found Michael, Jace was in distress so she put her head on his shoulder and he and his “father talked.” and he just held onto her tightly, knowing that she’s there.

What I Don’t Like About Kat as Clary:

She still has a long way to go until she becomes the Clary we know in the books. I would like if the writers, and Kat, explore more on Clary and what she has to do to help protect the world she grew up in and the world she was trust into. I am confident in a long show run that we will get to see Kat and the rest of the cast explore more of their characters that we did not get to see in the books.

I think the same thing I talked about Matt as Alec, (linked here to that post) the way she deliver some of her lines. Unlike Matt, who seems to lack luster when he delivers some of his lines, she over does some of hers. They seem force and not really flowing out so naturally. She just has to pace herself when she says her lines. While I do think she has chemistry with Dom, they both need to make it look more effortless. But idk at this point in the story maybe the more angsty and awkward they are the better.

In the end I wouldn’t change Kat as Clary. I think she’s wonder and I love her. She wasn’t my choice for Clary. But I am glad she’s the one bringing our girl to life.

What do you think about Kat as Clary?



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