Shadowhunters At Comic Con: Recap

Okay, I’m going to keep this post less wordy and more pictures and gifs. With my input on what’s happening with the trailer of season 2, which will be linked here.

Before I get to posting pictures let’s get the words out of the way. Here are some informations on season 2 from the cast during the panel.

Shadowhunters Panel Recap:

  • The New Season will premiere Monday, January 2, 2017. Why the move of date? Idk. Maybe we’ll find out or they needed some slots since PLL is on Tuesday and Freeform has a new show called Beyond, which will take the 9 pm slot.
  • Victor Aldertree is the new head of the Institute, and Lydia is not happy. Maybe because she was past over or maybe because she doesn’t like Victor, it’s probably the latter.
  • Clary and Izzy will be training while Victor watches them.
  • Victor will be questioning everyone who has gone on a mission with Jace (The Gang basically)
  • We will see Malec’s first date! They said that there will be a malec kiss that will top the wedding.
  • More crazy stunts. The cast has trained in wire fighting, even those who know they won’t be doing any.
  • Maia’s first episode will be in episode 3
  • Paul Wesley will be directing episode 16! I seriously died when I found this out!!
  • Valentine will try to break Jace (according to scenes we saw)

Here are somethings the cast said during the panel:



My Trailer Recap: (This is also posted on my Tumblr but might as well add it on here:

  • New Seraph Blades. NIce.
  • Jalec is alive and well. BUT I’m dead.Jalec PArt 2.gif
  • “He’s closer than blood” – Alec about Jace. Alec bae!! Find him.
  • Poor Jace can’t catch a break 😦
  • Maia and Hunter’s Moon are in the trailer so yah that’s cool.
  • Simon is the worse vampire ever. True but he’s adorable so yeah.
  • Mother-Daughter issues. That’s what I’ve been waiting for. It can’t be smooth sailing.
  • Alec don’t you dare push Magnus away.
  • Clace! *_*
  • “what is with that guy?” Idk Luke. I D K.

Fave Moment: Clace Jumping off the boat tumblr_oeqo9zlsbx1rl297zo1_500

Scene That Made Me Freak Out:


Tell me that doesn’t look like Lydia! OMG!

The new trailer was short but I liked it wishing we saw more but at least the premiere date is so close (In the start of the year).

Photos from Comic Con: Taken by the cast or professionals. Photo credits to the cast and the fans who took them.



Paul will be directing episode 16

Sizzy makes me smile so much. My Ultimate.

I’m DEAD. My faves.

Dom and Matt keep answering each other’s questions. Parabatai goals. (Credit to TalkNerdyWithUs)

The Girlfriend (wife) Squad are adorable. Love them.
Life Imitates Art

Cast getting read to sign some autographs.

The Cast doing Interviews. The Downworlds and the Shadowhunters

Shadowhunters On Snapchat:


Sarah Hyland’s:


Photo’s from Shadowhunters Released today: This is likely episode 3 because that’s when Victor first appears and Lydia’s return.


Shadowhunters is only 84 days and counting away. I’m so excited. Today is just one of the many days to come that we might get new content until January. If new things are added after I post this, just check out my social medias (Tumblr and Instagram) and I’ll post it there.


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