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Matthew Daddario as Alec Lightwood – Is the obsession worth it? What I expect for S2

Everyone has their own opinions on the characters and actors, so respect mine. 

Since today is Matt’s birthday I thought this would be a perfect time to write this post, at first when I wrote Dom’s i was going to write this in the way the cast was announced for their roles, so Alberto or Emeraude would have been next, but oh well, writing is spontaneous for me.

Shadowhunters,for me and for a lot of other people, is filled with a lot of unknown actors when they started to film. I did not even know who Matt was until I looked him up when he was cast. I mean even his last name didn’t ring any bells until someone pointed out that he was Alex’s (from the PJO series) brother. After realizing that they were related I looked into Matt more and saw that he was going to be in Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List starring Victoria Justice, which I was already super excited for so it made me even more excited that Matt was going to be in it because it gave me a chance to see him as an actor before Shadowhunters came out. He wasn’t really in many scenes in the movie but I did like him in it. He wasn’t like an amazing actor, but he had that charm and dorkiness that I really liked in the movie. So after seeing that movie I was okay and believed that Matt would be a wonderful Alec. I’m not a person who judges an actor in a role before I see them as said character.

Matt is season 1, was something I did not expect, he was an amazing Alec. He showed Alec as the leader and the law the holds Jace and Izzy back from doing something extremely stupid. Plus it also helps that he towers over everyone giving that authority look. But he never acts on it, like Alec in the books, he makes sure his parabatai and his sister are safe. The fight scenes this season blew me away, it wasn’t cray or full of action but it was trained and calculated, like any shadowhunters they made sure they had a way to win jalec-fight-1there fights. Matt and the rest of the cast trained so hard and I was so proud with the end results. The main “fight” scene for Alec was with Jace, that fight wasn’t filled with hatred
or plain anger, it was filled with so many different emotions. Betrayal, sadness, and the lost of someone you thought you could trust. Both Matt and Dom gave it their all and I couldn’t ask for a better parabatai team. But I will talk about their parabatai bound later. Also honestly that fight scene was probably my favorite scene for these two, because they were so passively angry at each other it amazing to see the manifest of that anger.

In Season 2, I would like to explore more of Alec and his story. Not his relationships, but him as a person. We already know Alec is someone who puts his family first. But as we saw in episode 12 last season, he is starting to put himself first. I would also to see him fight more, that’s not really Alec, but we already know what Alec would do for those he loved, and his parabatai is missing, just for the fun of it I want to see him fight through a bunch of demons (like what Sam did when Dean was all AWOL and demony with Crowley, if you watch Supernatural you know what I mean) plus demons are fair game, so they can kill as many as they want. Now from Matt I want him to emote more, because in season 1, this doesn’t change the way I feel about Matt by the way I really love him, when he delivered his lines they were a bit monotone, not always but in most scenes. Idk, maybe I’m the only one who noticed that.

What I like about Matt as Alec:

Line delivery aside, Matt’s emotions as Alec is on point. He shows Alec’s conflicting feelings for Magnus as it builds up. We see him wanting to get out with Magnus more, but he just resist because he believes that he loves Jace only. I’m not even sure he actually denied that he was gay. He was just thinking that he can’t like Magnus because he likes Jace, plus there’s that whole he still needs to come out thing.

His relationship with Magnus in general. Matt and Harry are amazing in their roles. I was so happy with them. From the first scene they were in together to the kiss that broke the fandom. What loved best about Matt’s Alec was that he accepted Magnus and his past relationships, like he didn’t freak out that Magnus has been with girls or in relationships in general. And in season 2 we’ll get them as a couple (sort of, they’ve established the feelings but things will still happen, more on that later) dates! That’s what I want to see between them, everything is going to hell right now, I want a normal date scene to make it seem like everything will be okay.

Then there is the way he is with Isabelle and Max (I want more Max with his siblings btw) he is so protective of them. I thing Matt makes that super believable because he is also alec-and-izzy-1part of 3 siblings in real life, instead of being the eldest, he is the middle child. So he knows the bond between siblings and I enjoyed how it is portrayed by him on screen. He the best brother to them, he puts them ahead of himself and I thing Matt is doing such a great job at that.

I’ve always loved sibling relationships in books and I want that to be explored more in the upcoming season. Not just with Alec and alec-and-maxhis siblings, but maybe even with Simon and Rebecca, or Jace, when he gets back, with the Lightwoods. Matt, Em, and Dom are just an amazing trio, you can see in the way they act around each other that they really see each other as siblings so it translate to the screen.

His Parabatai bond with Jace is one of the best thing ever, yes they have had issues this past season but you can tell that it hurt them equally. 102d5012-1039-4a78-b2d9-933289f158f5They just didn’t know how to handle what was going on around them. Jace is going one way and Alec the other way. Episode 3 of season 2 will be the death of me because that seems to be a very big episode for Jace and Alec! I’m buzzing here I’m just so happy. The parabatai bond is probably the most important thing to me in the Shadowhunter Chronicles, I just find it so interesting and I cant’t wait to see more of Matt and Dom as Alec and Jace. How their relationship began to how deep it goes. tumblr_o4uuq31td91v3jr7ko1_500

What I Don’t Like About Matt as Alec: (or Mainly what I don’t like about the fandom when it comes to Matt)

There is very little about Matt as Alec that I don’t like. Because the thing I don’t like about him as Alec can easily be fixed. Maybe it’s mainly about the fandom and our obsession with Matt. This fandom makes it seem like Matt is the best actor on this show, I think that all of them are about the same level with some having more understanding than others. It’s annoying because all the actors work so hard in their roles and then hardly get any recognition. It’s not Matt’s fault and I don’t blame him because he is doing his job and he is killing it.

The Fandom is so focused on malec that they already want a sex scene? WHAT? They haven’t even been on a first date yet, i doubt sex is the first thing in their minds. They have to stop a mad man from destroying the world. They have to establish their relationship and they still have plenty of things to sort out before they can be a normal couple who just happens to a warlock and a demon hunter. I prefer Malec to build their relationship before anything else.

In the end of the day, Matt is Alec. He knows his role and I couldn’t see anyone else as Alec. What do you think of Alec or Matt as Alec? Comment down below x.


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