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Who I Think Might Die on S2

(It’s been a while since I blog but it’s because I didn’t really have a proper topic to write about. But it’s theory time since some pictures have been going around) 

I talked about this on my tumblr and shared my theory on who I think my bite the bullet in season 2 of Shadowhunters but I want to explore more of it here.

So 2 pictures have been floating around the Shadowhunter fandom that leads fans to believe that someone is going to die in the early episodes season 2 of Shadowhunters. One picture with Dom dressed in all white, and we all know what that means, and another of Emeraude, which is a close up of her eye. img_5896

Some people believe that it’s going to be Max who dies, hence why Izzy is shedding a tear and why big bro Jace is all in white. While that is a possibility I don’t think it’s going to be Max who dies.img_5897

For 2 reasons:

1) Max has hardly been on the show and for people who haven’t read the books it wouldn’t really be a big deal if he died or not. 

2) Jack, the boy who plays Max, has not been on set yet, or that we have seen. 

So Max dying this early is a very low possibility. The other person seems more believable. And that person is Lydia Branwell.

We met Lydia last season on episode 8 and a lot of us really ended liking her. Not only was she a fun addition to the cast,and was a big reason on how Malec got together, she is loved by the fandom in the short time that we have known her and she barely escaped death last season when Hodge knocked her out to get the cup.


Also Lydia is an OC. So like past OC (Officer Vargas and Dot) they generally don’t make it. Lydia made it alive last season, because we loved her so much. But now Steph has other attachments with her new show.

Now I don’t want Lydia to be the one who dies, because I love Steph, but she makes sense. Why else is Jace attending? Why is he mourning? He knew Lydia so that would mean something but that’s not much to go on. But it’s my hunch.

But there maybe some way she can do both shows. Stephanie isn’t a main character on the show so that means she doesn’t have to be on set ALL the time. She is an envoy so it’s her job to go back and forth from Idris to Institutes to keep everyone informed with each other. Stephanie’s new show films in Montreal, I believe, which is an hour away by plane, so she can easily fly back and forth between shows, I mean it’s been done before so it’s not unheard of. With all that said, there is a 50/50 percent chance of Lydia dying or living, I really hope it’s the latter since I love her and want to see what they can do with her original story.

So what do you guys think? Who do you think will die? Comment and tell me your thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Who I Think Might Die on S2

  1. I honestly think with confidence that its’ gonna be hodge. He honestly dont have anymore plot other than betraying the lightwoods and he did try to redeem himself in the books, so i can see him redeeming himself by saving jace from valentine.
    And this would cause izzy to be sad as he seems to have a relationship with the lightwood siblings in the show.

    I highly doubt it’s Lydia, because

    1. That would be too obvious and
    2. Like you said she is loved by the fandom, and everyone wouldnt watch Shadowhunters anymore if she dies. The ratings would fall.
    3. Not to mention everyone would be very angry if she dies


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