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My Top Five Shadowhunter Villains 

Disclaimer: Everyone has their own opinions on the characters, actors, and the show so respect mine. 

The Shadowhunter Chronicles have so many amazing antagonistic characters that you feel real that that you enjoy them in the end. I have my top 5 villains that I really love. Most of them are from TMI but I have some from the other books too.  I going to rank them from my favorite, which is 1, to my least favorite, which is 5 but I still really like them.

1) Sebastian Morgenstern:


He is probably one of my favorite villains ever. I never really truly hated him, and he has done so many shitty things in his life, but I never truly got to the point where I fully hated him. He was a fun character to read about and I wished we knew more about his life. Like where was he in the first two books, was he in that moving house plotting? Was he already Sebastian? Was he still in Idris when the first 2 books were happening? So many unanswered questions. What I liked about him was that there was a method behind his madness and how became the way he is. He was literally born that way, from the moment he was born he was on the path of darkness. It wasn’t his choice, Valentine raised him to be the warrior monster that he is, just like Valentine raised Jace to be the person that he is, if it weren’t for the Lightwood’s Jace would have probably ended up like Sebastian, all dark and twisty. My favorite part to read about Sebastian was probably in City of Lost Souls, and I’m paraphrasing here, “do you think you would love me if I wasn’t this.” or something close to that. When he said that to Clary when they were alone. They seemed to have a little bro sis moment then we realise who she is talking to and we go back to ‘nope’.

Sebastian left a legacy, even after his death. Because we all know that the Seelie Queen is pregnant with his demon spawn. So I want to see that play out. Even after his death he found a way to make his reign live on.  On my villain score he is a 9/10

2)Seelie Queen:

Oh My God did I hate this bitch. She is probably the worse of the worse on this list. We hardly ever see her but every time I do I want to rip her scarlet hair off. She knows what she is doing she plans everything she does. People say faeries can’t lie? Well I think she can. From the moment we meet her in City of Ashes she was a bitch, beauty hides the rotting core of herself. She wasn’t the main villain in The Mortal Instruments books but I have a very strong feeling that we will see more of her in The Dark Artifices books, because it his everyone of the shadow world vs. The Faeries so we know that plays a big part in the upcoming books. Now I don’t think she will be the main villain of the story but she will probably play a big role.

queen bitch.png
Picture Credit to Tumblr
Spoiler Alert if you haven’t read Lady Midnight

Okay so Malcolm is presumed dead in the end of the book right? And we see Annabelle open her eyes in the epilogue right? My theory is either Malcolm asked the seelie queen for help or Annabelle does because she wants revenge on the Blackthorns as much as Malcolm does. I don’t know how that will go, but the queen hates the shadow world so she’ll probably help them.

One thing I do like about her is that her evilness is sneaking and not up front, like we know she is a bitch, the characters know she is a horrible person yet she was never really upfront with her evilness. She always played it in an angle that she knew she would benefit from. That’s the faeries nature I guess. Unlike Seb I had a strong dislike for this one when I first read about her. She made Alec see himself get old, she made Jace and Clary kiss because she knew it would cause issues. In all honesty I would have loved to see her as a main villain she is so capable of that. My score for her is 9/10 (because man do I hate her but that makes her a good villain)

3) Camille Belcourt

To me, Camille is the villain who isn’t really a villain but a bad person. I’m going to spliy this into two different Camille’s, book and tv.

Now Book Camille we, and Simon, meet her at Simon’s early stages of vampire life. Where is just getting use to being a vampire. He’s not really part of the Clan, he’s not really part of Clary’s world. He is new. Then Camille calls on him and she is this old and wise vampire goddess who can drink and maybe eat human food and say the word God, which Simon is finding a hard time doing. Then we learn (well we already knew) about her history with Magnus, they have that weariness that exes have with each other after a terrible breakup. But Camille still toys with him. Icami.jpg think most of the book readers hate her solely on the purpose that she broke up Alec and Magnus (technically Alec did that. I mean Magnus warned him about Camille). But if you have read the Bane Chronicles, I think you would understand Camille’s relationship with Magnus, I know I did. They are the definition of what immortality can do to love. It can either open someone up to the idea (Magnus) or completely close a person off (Camille). She wants to rule with an iron fist, never show anyone her weakness. She is a queen and that’s why I really love her character.

Show Camille, well we are only in season 1 so there isn’t really much to say. I liked her in season 1 and her role in Simon’s transition into a vampire. I know people got upset that she was Simon’s sire and not Raphael but I honestly thought it made more sense to be her as his sire. I think thashadowhunters-camille-belcourt-gift would do more in the upcoming seasons. Since you really can’t say no to your sire, Simon will be powerless against her until he comes to full term in what he his. Like the gif says “blood is stronger than will” so no matter what he does, the blood that is is his veins is her’s, so his will is in her hands. I like this Camille she’s glam (like her book counterpart) but she is also dark and cunning. I like Camille as head vampire but I would love to see what she is doing now that she is banish from the Dumort. Will she try to take back the hotel like she did in the books? Will she still use Simon to do that? There are so many ways the show can use Camille and I am so excited for that. I know she won’t be a big issue for Magnus and Alec, this season at least, but I want to see more of that whole history. I mean you can’t erase years of history, no matter how much you try. Also before I finish the Camille section can we just admire the POC representation from tumblr_o76k3jNySu1ql3wx6o1_540Harry and Kaitlyn? Like thank you Shadowhunters for the asian representation. We need more of that on TV and Harry and Kaitlyn are amazing. My score for her is 8/10

 4) Malcolm Fade

Let me just say that I did NOT expect Malcolm to be a villain. AT ALL. I guess I was just use to expecting that all warlocks were like Magnus and Tessa. BuT I guess Malcolm was just another victim of the immortal love. He found love only to have her taken from him. And treated the was she was, by her own family, of course it can make a man do crazy things. All throughout the book he helped the Blackthorns and Emma find out who has been doing all those horrific murders, he wasn’t a bad guy. He just wanted his love back. He did terrible thingsMalcolmF.jpg to get her back, unnatural things, even for warlocks, what we have learned in this is that love is important. It can either make or break you. Malcolm let it break him. It cost him everything because he was so focus on getting her back. Why he is on this list is because I think there is more in him and he can be somewhat redeemed. I just can’t wait to read more about him in the upcoming books.

Magnus saw him as a friend. They probably were friends before the Annabell situation, I don’t want Malcolm to die that his friends didn’t care for him. We are honestly lacking in some warlock on warlock conversation time here. Like that seems so important I want some of that. On my villain list he is a 5/10 because I don’t view him as a villain. I see him as someone wronged by so many people.

5) Valentine Morgenstern

The WORSE Dad EVER. Horrible dad to Sebastian, to Jace, to Clary ( I don’t even count him as her dad.) Valentine was a man with a plan who took a dark turn in life. Jocelyn and Luke even stated he wasn’t a bad guy when they met him. It was his passion of ridding the world of evil made Jocelyn fall in love with him, what made the circle follow him in his quest. What Valentine such a good villain for me is that even after he died, like Sebastian, he left a even more evil person to continue his work. Why he is number 5 is because while I did really like him as a villain he was only a beginner villain. After book 2 Sebastian became the main antagonist of the story. But even though his evil plans were only shown in the first two books (maybe 3) you know his impact has been around of 20 years.maxresdefault

Now it has been a while since I read the first few books of TMI so Valentine is a bit hazy in my mind. But I do know he caused so many deaths in the shadowhunter world, not as much as Sebastian’s but close enough that it branded his kids for life. Like it or not Valentine is the reason our heroes found each other. If it weren’t for his circle members hunting Jocelyn Clary would never have ended up in the NY Institute, Simon wouldn’t have tagged along and met Izzy, Alec would have never met Magnus (well he probably would but it would have probably taken a while.) So thanks Val for setting up this story of amazing journey. One moment I actually did feel for Valentine was when he Valentine-city-of-glass-30723717-800-1066.jpgdied and he apologized to his Jace (and probably Seb too just not physically) making amends of what he made him into, and to Jace of how he raised him. I think he did really love Jace, in his own way, I loved how both of our villains had redeeming moments when they died. Sebastian turning back into Jonathan apologizing for everything Sebastian did and letting them go free. That was the second saddest thing I had to read while they were in Edom.

As you can see most villains have a method behind their madness. No one is just pure evil (even the Seelie Queen, who I hate with a burning passion, she has been alive longer than anyone on this list. Like I said with Camille, immortality makes or breaks you. The Queen is a bored immortal playing with children compared to her.)

Anyway that was my Top Five Villains. Who are yours?


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