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What I Think: The Fandom vs. The Old Potential Actor for Alec

Disclaimer: Everyone has their own opinions on the characters, actors, and the show so respect mine. Also I will not mention the actor’s name on this blog post since I do not want to add more fuel to the fire. Plus most of you should know his name now.

Let me just say, Matt is Alec. No one is being recast. The actors are who they are supposed to be. chill-the-fuck-out-o

Can I first just say that this fandom is crazy! We are so passionate when it comes to the actors that I am sometimes proud or scared of this fandom. Because if we say something wrong we are hated. But I’m not focusing about us right now. I am focusing on the drama between the fandom and an actor.

So if you are not really sure about what is going on in this fandom let me bullet point it for you before I go and voice my opinion.

  • Fans found a video of a actor’s audition for Alec
  • They are tweeting McG, the producers, and even Matt asking and telling that (Inster Actors Name here) should be Alec and demand Alec be recasted
  • The Fandom isn’t taking it lightly and are freaking out
  • (Insert Actor’s Name) is fueling the fire but retweeting and liking really rude tweets about Matt.

Okay that’s basically the whole issue. So here’s what I think.

So I am not exactly sure when this drama started, my bet is on Thursday, because that was when I was made aware of the issue when I was just scrolling Tumblr like a normal person. I read post saying how their was drama. That people were being stupid, then I read something saying “is their time to recast Matt?” I was like ‘what? what did I miss?’ then I did my research on twitter and saw “fans” tweeting McG asking him if there was time to recast Alec for (Insert Actors Name). As usual McG replied in the perfect way Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 5.06.40 PM.pngpossible, then Matt saw the tweet (so yes he is aware of the drama but maturely ignores it and focuses on the show.) I honestly stay away from twitter because people are crazy over there.

I haven’t read any tweets by said actor or by fans but I did see he retweeted a post with the Chanel vs. Walmart meme. That’s probably when fans lost it. I know that’s when I got upset at him. Like I’ve seen him on a tv show before and he was honestly a good actor. But what made me dislike him, at least the way he is online, is how he handled the issue. He knew what he posted but when a fan called him out on in he tried to play the victim and called it like it was just joking around

I said to myself “he’s an actor right? He should be use to loosing and getting roles. So why do this? He was quiet for a year then he does this when season 2 starts? What gives? What made him react? Maybe it was the attention he was getting from those who saw his audition, NGL, I saw it and liked it but I think if Matt got the role he really deserved it. I hate how some “fans” are calling it white privilege (since the actor who audition is a POC). I’m going to say this and don’t hate me because I am a POC as well, not everything is white privilege. While I agree there is a lot of the in Hollywood, I don’t think that is the case in Shadowhunters the show is diversity central, 4/7 of the main cast are POC. That is rare for a main cast of a show.

The fandom is doing what we are here for, to protect and support our actors. Even though Matt and the cast have not acknowledge the drama, I think they are aware of what is going on the show. But they all chose to focus on the show and making it the best for us. That is why I love this cast so much. They know what is important, and that’s the show and the fans. Rumors, drama and fights are nothing but just issues that they know they would need to past.

As for the actor who is the target of the fandom right now, you aren’t the only person who lost a role in this show. One of the circle member actor, Jordan Hudyman, audition for Alec as well, but he didn’t they role but he was called back for another role. He wasn’t salty about losing this role, he accepted it. This is an actors world. You win some. You lose some. The point is you just have to be mature, what could he have said when fans told him they would preferred him as Alec? He could have just thanked them and moved on and not fuel the issue.

That is all I have to say I just wanted to clear up some issues and what I thought about what is going on social media these past few days. Hope this cleared some peoples confusion. If it didn’t just message me and I’ll tell you more.


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