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What I Think: Lydia’s purpose for Shadowhunters Season 2

Disclaimer: Everyone has their own opinions on the characters, actors, and the show so respect mine. 

As you can tell from the picture Stephanie Bennett aka Lydia Branwell is back for season 2 of Shadowhunters, and like many of you, I am super excited for her to be a part of the second season. But I am also curious on what use she’ll be for the upcoming season. I myself have an idea on why she is back.

I don’t want Lydia to just be on the show with no storyline, I hate that. She is a strong character who has so many potential as a stand alone character outside of Malec’s storyline.

So here are some of my ideas on why Lydia is back.

1) She is still the envoy of the clave so she goes back to New York: 


As envoy it is Lydia’s job to be the clave’s representative if they can’t physically be at a certain place. My guess is that after Lydia recovered enough she went home to Idris to continue working but then all this happened with Jace and Valentine and now the clave and worried and pissed at the NY Institute, and at Lydia, for letting all this happen. Lydia, since she has made friends at the institute wants to go back and help but the inquisitor (bitch) doesn’t trust that she can handle this alone so she sends Victor Aldertree (hence the new character cast) with Lydia. He is probably more difficult than Lydia ever was, so he’ll probably cause trouble for the people of the NY Institute.

2) Lydia never left the Institute to go back to Idris and she’s been doing all she can to help them track Jace down before the Clave intervenes. 

With her high status job she has clearance to a lot of clave files that Alec and Isabelle don’t have. So she can do a lot and since she is technically still healing she’s probably not allowed out on hunts yet, so she’s probably taking Hodge’s role as task master (we’ll get to him later). But they aren’t fast enough and the clave sends in more envoys to continue on. Lydia doesn’t like that (Alec and Izzy and Clary don’t like that) so she and the gang continues on their own. Maybe that’s why Alec was arguing with Maryse. Maryse told Alec that the clave was taking things in their own hands.

3) Lydia’s dead husband isn’t dead after all. 

So the picture above as cause a little bit of a stir. If you can see there is a tune on Lydia’s wrist resembling a Wedded Union rune.  So people are freaking out that Alec and Lydia might be married (or the makeup artist messed up or something). But if you remember correctly, Lydia was already married before to a Shadowhunter named John Monteverde but he “died” during a mission gone wrong. So what if he didn’t die? What if he worked with Valentine and was told to get close to a member of the clave to get information?

That would probably mess up Lydia’s world. The husband she loved, working with the most hated man in the shadow world. She would be torn.  Now I don’t want her story to turn into a love story but I would like to see where this goes. I’m not the only thinking of this. A lot of people have thought of this idea. So I would like to see where this goes.

Any of those 3 ideas would be pretty interesting theories on why Lydia is back. I for one am just happy Stephanie is back on the show. She became such a fan favourite last season, it would be a shame not to have her back for a new season.

So what are some of your theories on why Lydia is back? And do you agree on one of the 3 I said? Comment what you think.


2 thoughts on “What I Think: Lydia’s purpose for Shadowhunters Season 2

  1. Those are really good!! I hadn’t thought of them but i hav a sickening feeling that Lydia might die (i really hope not, I love her to bits)


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