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The Malec Takeover – the good and the bad and everything else in between. 

Disclaimer: Everyone has their own opinions on the characters, actors, and the show so respect mine. 

Like many of the fans who have read the books and watched the show I love Malec with a burning passion. I love the representation they have contributed to the lgbt community. But I also see the flaws Malec has (it’s not many but they are there) so here are the good, the bad, and anything else I have about Malec. Like the disclaimer says respect my opinion, I don’t mean to offend any diehard Malec or Alec fans.

The Bad:

Malec has always been one of my favourite ships in all the books I’ve read. The trinity of ships in TMI have always held a high place in my heart. But ever since the show started, my love for Malec (and Alec) have dwindled a little, I still love them and root for Magnus and Alec, but now they are in the back of the 3 ships. And I’ll tell you why, ever since the show has started all I see on Shadowhunters social media accounts and fan accounts is Malec Malec Malec. I get it representation, that’s great, but this show isn’t about ships (wether it’s Malec, Clace or Sizzy) this show is about Angels and Demons and the war they have. It’s about a girl finding her way in this new world. But that story is getting overshadowed by Malec and Alec/Matt. There are 7 main cast members they deserve recognition too! They all have been given it their all into this show. They train non stop, physically and mentally, they are reading the books (all of them) and have given their characters different things that we didn’t see in the books. Everyone one is so Matt Trash (as we labelled) that they don’t notice he has flaws in his acting too (but I’ll get more into that when I do his character post like I did for Dom and Jace).

The Good:

malec kiss

The good over powers the bad and that’s what I focus on so I don’t go on hating Matt, Alec or Malec (because I don’t want to hate them. Because I have loved them for so long). One of the biggest goods is that recognition Malec has given to LGBT community. How a bisexual person is actually getting represented on tv and actually acknowledging it, and to make it even more amazing it’s a male bisexual. I have read so many things on tumblr saying how Magnus has helped them come to terms with their sexuality how they now know they are bi and not torn between straight and gay. That is amazing. Alec, he is just perfect. He came to terms with his turn self and he’s going to be an amazing leader. He is going to go through a lot in his journey of acceptance. But I’m happy he has accepted his sexuality.

Matt and Harry have chemistry, it’s subtle but it’s so there. Like in the Malec kiss scene, everyone focused on Matt but what about Harry? The look in Magnus’s eyes when Alec pulled apart and he chased his lips. I died. I applaud Matt and Harry for bringing these two to life. I am so happy that Matthew and Harry ARE our Malec.  
Random thoughts:

A lot fans have been talking about how they what a Malec sex scene in season 2. And I’m like “what? Why do you want a sex scene now?” They haven’t even been on a date yet. They literally just met and a lot of shit is going on. When is it the right time for the first time? Honestly I would just be happy with cute looks and working together and hand holding. Just the little things. Everyone needs to be patient with things that big. Magnus and Alec need to get to know each other first before they take that step into their relationship and I’m sure when that happens it will be great. 

momma's boy

kisses Another thing I really want to see in season 2 is more of Maryse and Alec talking and interacting. Because Alec seems like a big momma’s boy. In season 1 he wanted to protect his family (his mom), and keep them happy, so he agreed to the wedding thing. When Maryse was crying Alec  looked worried, like I think Alec knows the shit the clave puts on his parents and he doesn’t like it but he can’t say anything because they are his bosses. So he just does what he can to help them stay in their good graces. I feel like I’m the only person who doesn’t hate Maryse. I want to see Maryse understand her son and accept him. Because she does love her kids, she wants them away from the clave that’s was she’s a stone cold person (conceal don’t feel).

Ooh also Maryse and Magnus I want to see that! I think that’ll be fun. Both Maryse and Robert have known Magnus for a long time, he is one of the few people who knew them during their circle days. Malec getting to know each other is always a priority for me. Before they go into the deep stuff they should get to know each other first. A lot of things are happening in season 2. And Alec will be more focus in finding Jace and stoping Valentine than his relationship with Magnus. But we know Magnus and Alec are going to try that parabatai tracking thing so we’ll see how that goes.

Lastly to all those fans who think Alec is just “confuse about his sexuality” HE’S NOT!!! HE IS 1000% gay!


4 thoughts on “The Malec Takeover – the good and the bad and everything else in between. 

  1. Before I say anything I need to say I respect your opinion, when you started talking about the things you disliked about malec you swore a few times, although I see your passion about the subject in your writing swearing takes away from the point you are trying to make. It’s your blog so you don’t need to change anything if you don’t want to but using that type of language makes me go from respecting your opinion to dragging me from the point you make. Which I thought you might value if your tying to bring across your opinion. I’ll say it again, you don’t need to change it if you don’t want to it is your blog, I’m not trying to hate on you and I understand what you are saying, I would merely just respect what your are saying more if you didn’t use informal language such as you used.


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