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Dominic Sherwood as Jace Wayland – What I expect from him in S2 

Everyone has their own opinions on the characters and actors, so respect mine. 

Dom was the first person cast in the show. When he was cast I was so happy because I saw him in Vampire Academy and loved him. He was given very little to work with in that movie but he was great and he was my favourite of the whole movie. So when he was cast I was excited because I knew he could play Jace sarcastic side. On Shadowhunters his sarcasm is very dry. But I don’t blame that on Dom, because I know he’s capable of sarcasm. The writers should write his lines better.

In season 2, I hope he’s written better.  Because I know Dom is capable of more than he is given. But in the beginning of season 2, for Jace, I am expecting more serious stuff and less sarcasm, because of the seriousness of his situation. I expect him more to be calculating of his surroundings, trying his best to get something useful back to the clave without Valentine knowing.

Dom is hardly going to be with the main cast for the first half of the season because he’ll be with Valentine, so I hope to see what kind of relationship Jace had with Valentine before. Because like in the training scene with him and “Michael” (aka Valentine) we saw how he treated him. He trains him but there was that tough love thing in there. And Jace didn’t really see anything strange there because that’s how Michael trained him since he was a kid. Relationship is key (good or bad) I want to see more of it!

What I like about Dom as Jace: 

The way he emotes (you may disagree but oh well). Jace is someone who hardly shows his emotions especially if they are closer to his heart. He only ever shows his emotions to Alec. So when he started to feel bad, torn, sad and we as viewers saw that, I loved it. Because Dom shows Jace as a emotional (some people don’t like that. What? You want him to be a robot?) person who tries so hard to seem like he’s emotionless, who can control his emotions, but in reality he is slowing cracking and Clary, his dad, his parentage, were the last straw of his wall.

His relationship with Alec and Isabelle. You can see that they all love each other as siblings. You can see the competition there but you can also see the team work. I think Dom’s relationship with Matt and Em is wonderful. It’s simple and not OUT THERE, yet you can feel it’s there. When he and Matt did their fight scene it hurt me. Mostly because they’re parabatai and it hurts me everything they fight. But also, like I said earlier, Dom’s emotions during the fight. He was hurt that Alec betrayed him. He would rather die than live in a world where he and Alec are fighting.

What I don’t like about Dom as Jace (but can easily be fixed):

His sarcasm. That can easily be fixed with the new writers and stuff. Because if you watched vampire academy you know he can be sarcastic and deliver it wonderfully.

His chemistry with Kat. They need to work on that, while unlike most people who say they don’t have chemistry, I disagree, because I think they do have chemistry but the just have to work on that. I think Dom just doesn’t know how to act with Kat. He’s know her for a while, longer than the rest of the cast, because he’s been friends with her. So the adds to Dom feeling like she’s more of a little sister than someone he can be romantic with.

All and All I like Dom as Jace. I think he can be amazing as our Jace. Also stop complaining about his hair. It’s fine. Maybe less hair gel. I liked his AU hair way better. Use that style writers.


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